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HPYGN Weighted Heavy Skipping/Jump Rope 9.2ft 2.8LB for fitness, Exercise, boxing Gym Training, Home Workout, Improve Strength and Building Muscle, Total Body Workout Equipment for Men

HPYGN Weighted Heavy Skipping/Jump Rope 9.2ft 2.8LB for fitness, Exercise, boxing Gym Training, Home Workout, Improve Strength and Building Muscle, Total Body Workout Equipment for Men

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Brand: HPYGN

Color: Length 9.2ft(2.8LB)


  • 💪【Perfect Choice for Fitness】It's no secret that skipping rope is a great way to get fit, using a heavy jump rope helps to exercise the whole body, jumping with weighted jump rope for five minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes with ordinary skipping rope, Double weight multi-fold fat burning and can be effective for increasing strength and promoting weight loss, in order to better yourself, please use weighted jump rope to jumping now!
  • 💪【Humanized design】 In order to avoid spraining the wrist and reduce the wear of the hand, our weighted jump rope has upgraded the anti-slip handle, using higher quality polyolefin heat shrinkable material, the high-quality material enhances the friction of the weighted jump rope handle, which can well prevent All the tension generated by heavy jump rope is concentrated in the hands, protecting your hands and bringing you the perfect jump rope movement.
  • 💪【Durable material】After a long period of experiments, HPYGN heavy jump rope decided to use polymer synthetic fiber as the main material, the high-density polymer synthetic fiber material reaches our ideal weight, has strong wear resistance, prolongs the service life of the jump rope, In line with our purpose of making the weighted jump rope !
  • 💪【Fitness anytime, anywhere】If you want to exercise while traveling or on business trip, HPYGN weighted jump rope must be your best choice, jump rope is equipped with a portable bag, Put it in your backpack or suitcase, easy to carry, fitness anytime, anywhere, uninterrupted exercise, let you exercise plans don't stop!
  • 💪【Best gift for fitness】The heavy jump rope for men and women, fitness jump rope can be given as a gift to friends and family who like to exercise and can exercise together, we believe they will be happy and excited after receiving the gift! If you have any questions about the product, please contact us in time, we will try our best to solve it and serve you.

model number: jump rope for fitness

Part Number: cuerda para saltar ejercicio

Details: Why You Should Try HPYGN Weighted Jump Rope?After painstaking research, we came to the conclusion that polymer synthetic fiber is the best material for heavy skipping rope, so we chose it. The material of the rope is very heavy and very durable. In addition, its thick rubber handle is comfortable to hold, so it can directly exercise without wearing gloves, and it feels comfortable to prevent slip.The power of Heavy jump rope is 10 times that of ordinary skipping rope.1 * Fitness2 * Shape and lose weight3 * Enhance body agility and reaction speed4 * Increase muscle endurance and explosive power5 * Enhance physical fitnessThe best time for scientific skipping rope: 14:00-21:00The Correct Method and Steps of Skipping Rope:1. Jumping Method: Jump with Both Feet, with a Rebound Action: Each Time You Cross the Rope, Your Feet Should Be Close to the Ground. Jump with Your Feet, No Rebound Action: That Is, Jump Rope Continuously. Jump: the Action of Jumping with Two Feet in Turn, Much Like Running.2. Jumping Speed: Slow Jumping: 20-30 Times Per Minute on Average. Faster: Average 40-60 Beats Per Minute, Depending on Your Fitness.3. Skipping Rope Should Not Be Less Than 4 Times a Week but Not More Than 6 Times. Generally, One Day of Rest and Thinking is Needed, So That the Improvement Will Be Faster. the Time of Skipping Rope is Controlled Between Half an Hour and Two Hours Each Time. Too Little Will Not Achieve the Effect of Fitness, and Overtraining for More Than Two Hours Will Also Make the Body Extremely Tired.

Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 7.0 x 3.2 inches

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